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Pubblicato da: Staff - il 2011-03-10 00:00:00
Ultima versione: 3.5.8
Licenza: Open Source
Sistema Operativo: Windows XP / 2003 / Vista

Paint.NET Ŕ un software studiato per il fotoritocco di immagini e foto. Supporta i Livelli, la possibilitÓ di correggere le proprie azioni e contiene una vasta gamma di effetti speciali da applicare alle immagini e moltissimi altri tool interessanti. Originariamente progettato come alternativa grauita a Microsoft Paint si sta trasformando a poco a poco in un software di altissimo livello.


  • Note: For the beta, the new features are only in English. The translations will be complete for the final release
  • New: Line/Curve tool has been enhanced to allow drawing arrowheads, and to draw with various dashed- and dotted- styles
  • New: Image tab thumbnails now have an indicator if the respective image has unsaved changes (an orange asterisk is shown)
  • Improved: The Save Configuration dialog (choose JPEG quality, etc.) now allows you to maximize it. IIt also remembers its relative location and size
  • Changed: The help file / documentation is now hosted online. This has reduced the download size by more than 3 MB, and will also allow us to provide translations without ballooning the size of the download (each language would have added between 2 and 4
  • Changed: The image list button (downward triangle) is also shown when only 1 image is open (it used to only display if 2 or more images were open). This is being done for the sake of consistency
  • Fixed: Some operations would reset the selected layer to the first/lowest layer. This selection is now preserved
  • Fixed: Several problems have been fixed within our implementation surrounding the new Vista Open/Save dialogs. This includes: opening an image from an http:// source, opening images from a digital camera that is not mapped to a file system path